If you're planning a stag do or hen do and are looking for a unique place to celebrate, a weekend party house could be the perfect venue.


Games are another great way to keep the party going all weekend.

Playing hen party games will help break the ice, get conversations started, and make even the most party-pooping guests feel part of the party.

For instance, if the bride is planning the event during the school holidays, she may not want the whole family on board, so a small party may be a better option.

Try playing some of these with prosecco to make everyone feel comfortable and enjoy themselves. It’s also important to consider when the hen party should take place.

There are several things to consider when choosing a hen party weekend, including the venue and activities.

If you plan to play games and eat home-cooked meals, a self-catering hen party house will be the best option.

You’ll also need to think about activities, which should be planned around the bride-to-be’s personality, age group, and physical needs.

Choosing a destination and activities that will be fun for everyone is crucial.

¬†Here are a few tips: First, you should make a list of all the hens and their contact details. Second, you should make a list of the activities you’d like your hen party to include.

Hen Party

After deciding on the style of your hen party and your budget, you should start looking for a venue.

Choosing a hen party weekend

city's nightlife

Otherwise, if you plan to enjoy a city’s nightlife and need minimal transport, you should choose a hotel in a central location. Choosing a hen party location is crucial because everyone has different ideas of what makes a perfect hen party location. You’ll also want to take into account the bride’s interests, such as water sports or art. Another important factor to consider is money. Not everyone can afford to attend a hen party, so you should set a budget for each person in the party.¬†

contribute to the decision


It’s best to decide on a location together so everyone can contribute to the decision.


Themes for the hen party can vary a lot, from a theme-based activity to a more relaxed setting.

You can go to a popular city, such as Newcastle, or a scenic country retreat.

If she enjoys creative activities, you can plan a class in life drawing or cupcake making. A workshop on lingerie-making can also be a great idea.